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About me …

Ever since I learned to read, the written word has taken me on one journey after another.

It has fueled an endless curiosity about life, people, nature, and the seen and unseen worlds around us. It has comforted, challenged, and inspired me.

So, as someone who is passionate about books and loves sharing what I’ve learned, it’s not surprising that I became a writer.

If what I offer here resonates with you, please join my community of followers (friends) and share your thoughts.

… and my current projects

BOOK: I’m researching and writing American Queen — a work of historical fiction about Anna “Nannie” Cabot Mills Davis Lodge (1851-1915), the brilliant and gracious wife of Senator Henry Cabot Lodge Sr. — who Teddy Roosevelt (a close friend) characterized as the “closest thing to a queen that America’s ever had.”

I’d enjoy reading your thoughts or questions (and will do my best to respond), so please take a moment to fill out the Contact Form below …

BLOG: As a former evangelical Christian who once worked as a senior writer for Focus on the Family, I’ll launch”Leaving Religion, Keeping God: Why a Devout, Seminary-Trained Evangelical Writer Walked Away from the Institutional Church and Its Dogma (and Isn’t a Bit Afraid)” after American Queen is finished. Stay tuned!