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Author: hubbardcomm

I'm a writer, researcher, and continual learner with diverse interests. After decades as a member of the Religious Right (albeit one with a lot of questions), I went through a sea change in my thinking—resulting in a progressive, Golden Rule-focused worldview. Raised in halcyon Southern California before it became overpriced and overcrowded (with subsequent sojourns in Montana, Arizona, California, Michigan, Colorado, and Virginia), I currently live in Kansas with my husband, Ken, an RF test engineer; and our longhaired calico cat, Shawnee. Between us, we have seven children and five grandchildren. My education includes an MA in International Studies (University of Denver), an MA in Religious Education (Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary), and a BA in Anthropology (University of Arizona). My somewhat lighthearted motto is, “It’s better to be radical than to be boring.”

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