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Book Reviews/Essays


"Shifting Superpowers: The New and Emerging Relationship Between the United States, China, and India"

"Balancing U.S. National Security Interests Between Our Constitutional Framework and the Challenges of the 21st Century"

"Israel’s High-Wire Balancing Act: Israeli Security vs. Palestinian Rights"

"US Foreign Policy Challenges in the Face of Iran's Intransigent and Threatening Nuclear Weapons Development Program"

Policy Briefs, Staff Reports, and White Papers

"Policy Recommendation: Labeling of Dairy Products Controversy and the Health of Coloradans"

"Policy Entrepreneurs and the Education of Girls in Developing Countries"

"The Impact of Policy Learning on the Issue of Educating Girls in Developing Countries"

"The Schumer-Graham Immigration Plan and Implications for Education-Related Initiatives at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation"

Research Papers

"A Comparison of the Cultures and Communication Styles of Israelis and Palestinians"

"A Look at Innovations in Maternal Health"

"How the Welfare of Children Is Affected by the Respective Political-Economic-Cultural Systems of Israel and the Palestinian Territories"

"Human Trafficking Examined through International Policy Economy Theory"

"The Impact of Educating Girls in Bangladesh as Viewed Through the Lenses of Kremer's O-Ring Theory, Rostow's Stage Theory, and Lewis' Structural Change Model"

International Project Proposals

"A Proposal for Assessing, Treating, & Preventing Schistosomiasis in Communities Adjacent to the Bujagali Dam in Uganda"




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