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C A R O L    H U B B A R D


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Patrick McCollum, President & CEO, ATSG Corporation:

"When Carol was employed by my company as a Senior Proposal Writer/Proposal Manager from 2015–2016, she worked under my direct supervision. I was impressed with her outstanding writing and editing abilities, intelligence, maturity, organizational and interpersonal skills, trustworthiness, and efficiency. When she managed a complex proposal for a very large military BPA ... our Director of Finance commented that it was “the best organized proposal process we’ve ever had."

*  *  *

Bjorn Delaney, Program Manager, PMP, SOS International LLC (SOSi):

"... I worked with Carol on a number of proposals at SOSi. She is a very hard worker, attentive, and an excellent writer. She is able to take broad, abstract concepts -- and through conversations with subject matter experts, she can tell a compelling story. She takes pride in her writing and is always open to receive feedback and criticism. Carol is an asset on any proposal team."

* * *


Paul Viotti, Ph.D. (Colonel, US Air Force, Ret.), Executive Director, Institute on Globalization and Security, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver:

"... I have been [Carol's] academic advisor during her MA program at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, and she was in four of my security and foreign policy classes.... Carol not only has distinguished herself as an excellent student and keen analytical thinker, but also as a leader -- as a true 'practical idealist.' She expresses herself clearly and persuasively, both verbally and in writing, and her interpersonal skills are both well-honed and engaging. She also is extraordinarily well organized, hard-working, conscientious, and completely trustworthy.... I believe that Carol would make a lasting contribution to any organization, public or private. As such, I give her my highest recommendation."

* * *

Alan Moorer, Ph.D., Director, Professional Communication Program, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver:

"I strongly recommend Carol Hubbard to you, and do so without reservation....

  • She not only has advanced communication expertise and abilities -- written, oral, interpersonal, and intercultural -- but ... she can communicate in any format and with any audience ...

  • She has excellent research, analytical and assessment abilities ...

  • She possesses ... maturity, self-reliance and self-confidence ... whether working independently or with a team.

  • She has a splendid work ethic (gets the job done right and on time) ...

Other than her enviable communication and management skills, Carol's strengths are all related to her razor-sharp intellect as well as her inner-directed commitment to service, personal improvement, and excellence.... "

* * *

Bob Schuyler, Assistant Director and Communications Liaison, St. James Kibbuse Foundation, Uganda:

"... Carol is a skilled and gifted administrator. She has the ability to assess people's talents, strengths, and weaknesses; then channel them into responsibilities they can handle effectively.... She is a highly responsible person and is able to make a firm commitment to a difficult task and then see it through to completion. She deals with obstacles as opportunities; and her positive attitude in the face of difficulty is infectious -- it inspires others to similar courage and perseverance. Carol is a gatherer. Because she inspires trust, confidence, and loyalty, people are drawn to her and want to work with her.... "

* * *

Debbie Rusch, Strategic Planner, Compassion International:

"Carol ... communicates ideas effectively, both verbally and in writing. She is accustomed to working in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments, while still maintaining an eye for detail and the ability to relate to customer/client needs.... She speaks her mind clearly and directly.... She has outstanding leadership abilities and is a self-motivated individual. I give her my highest recommendation, without reservation."

* * *

Kurt Birky, Global Brand Director, Compassion International:

"Carol was on my management team when I was Creative Director at The M Group. She has an amazing work ethic and is able to produce effective, on-strategy and on-message copy for a variety of mediums. She also is extremely knowledgeable of direct marketing best practices and routinely produces response-generating communications that meet or exceed expectations."

* * *

Steve Schwartz, author and editor, Innovo Publishing:

"Carol is an excellent writer and a great team leader. She cares very deeply about each project she works on -- and it shows in the quality of her work. Passion, compassion, and excellence -- you'll find them all in Carol."

* * *

Tracy Watkins, Owner, Inspired Studios Creative, Colorado Springs, CO:

"[Carol's] ... true care and concern on projects compels her to explore ideas and alternatives ... do research below the surface and coordination/collaboration with the client from a strategic perspective...." 

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Letter of Recommendation - Alan Moorer, Ph.D.

Letter of Recommendation - Paul Viotti, Ph.D.

Letter of Recommendation - John Lillis, Ph.D.

Letter of Recommendation - Bob Schuyler

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